The dog days of summer are upon us. If you took care of your AC maintenance in the Spring and changed your air filter as recommended, you won’t have any worries as temperatures rise. If, however, you have an older HVAC system or you haven’t been quite as diligent with your AC maintenance, you could have a problem. Here are some repairs you may have to deal with this summer.

It Just Needs Freon, Right?

“Oh, we just need a little Freon” is one of the most common reactions when your home isn’t as refreshingly cool as it used to be. Adding more Freon, a type of refrigerant used in older HVAC systems isn’t always the solution. If an AC unit needs more Freon, it is because there is a leak somewhere. During spring maintenance, had an AC technician checked the coils and refrigerant lines in your unit, the leak would have been found and the problem solved before it caused damage to the AC unit and the environment.

Refrigerant leaks are expensive. Freon also referred to as R-22, is quickly being replaced with a new refrigerant called R410A. Freon causes damage to the ozone layer, and the government is phasing it out. Older AC units cannot use R410A, and it costs considerably more to fix a leak if you have an old unit.

Change that Fan Belt

Some AC units use belt-powered fans. If a fan belt breaks, or just become loose, the fan can stop spinning. You may hear a squeaking or squealing sound. Have an AC technician check the belt and replace it, if necessary. Belt failure, if not corrected in time, can end up as a costly AC replacement.

What’s that Musty Smell?

Your AC unit has a dripping line called the condensate drain. Its job is to remove condensation that builds up on your AC’s evaporator coil. If the line isn’t cleaned properly, mold and algae can start to grow. Algae growth can cause many problems. It can clog the drain that, in turn, will cause the drain pan to overflow. Now, in addition to an AC problem you have water damage in the ceiling and walls of your home. You’ll to notice that your home feels humid and smells musty or stale.

Summer Heat with No AC isn’t Fun

The last thing you need is an AC failure in July or August. That is why having your AC checked before the temperatures go into overdrive is smart and saves you money. When you wait for summer to do major repairs, you may pay a lot more because parts are in high demand.

In case you have to survive a day or two before you can get your AC repaired, try one of these fourteen hacks to staying cool without an AC!

Pros to the Rescue!

Did you know that low-cost repairs can help to extend the life of your AC system for many years to come? An AC unit that has been well-maintained can last over 10+ years. Not only that, you save on utility bills, That yearly AC maintenance bill is not expensive when you can remedy small issues before they become a lot more costly. Get that annual AC check up!