Fall and Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Furnace

October is a month that reminds us, like it or not, that winter is approaching, and we must start thinking about furnace maintenance. Nothing is as comforting as a cozy house on a winter’s night. If you’ve already had a furnace tune-up, you’re ahead of the curve. Now is a good time to do a test run and make sure that furnace is ready to go.

Get Rid of Clutter

Furnaces tend to be in places that can get cluttered over time. A utility room that’s full of flammable items can be big trouble. Remove rugs, blankets, newspapers, and anything else that could easily catch fire and discard or put them elsewhere. The last thing you want is a fire or explosion. Vacuum in and around the furnace to prevent a build-up of dust and particles that could start a fire. Not sure how to clean the inside of your furnace? Call an expert.

Do a Test Run

The day to test your furnace is not the day you need heat. Prevent an unhappy surprise by doing a quick test run before the cold weather sets in. Run the furnace for 10-15 minutes to make sure it’s turning on and producing heat.

Check the Filter

Always check your filter to make sure it is clean. If you have a washable electrostatic filter, make sure you clean it regularly. A dirty filter can damage your furnace and can also reduce efficiency meaning that you’ll pay higher heating costs. Who wants that?

Enjoy a Warm House

Finally, make sure you’ve set your thermostat to the right temperature and that the furnace access panels are secure. You’re ready for cold weather and the beginning of the holiday season. Bring it on Old Man Winter!

Hmm… Time for a New Furnace?

Certain issues, like a cracked heat exchanger, may require a new furnace, particularly if the furnace is over ten years old. In some cases, you may have a warranty that covers the heat exchanger, but you’ll have to pay for labor. If you have an older furnace that is beginning to cost you a lot in repairs, it may be wise to replace it. There are both tax incentives and rebates still available. If you have questions, call Bill’s Comfort Systems. They are heating experts and will save you money.