The fireplace becomes the centerpiece of a home as we move into cool, crisp weather and the start of the Fall and Winter holidays. A fireplace not only warms our home; its allure draws family and friends together. Like all the elements that add character and beauty to your home, you want to choose the right fireplace. The choice is important because you want a fireplace that not only provides comforting heat but fits into your home decor.

If you are remodeling or building a home here are some points to consider when you are looking for the perfect fireplace:

  • Is the fireplace a primary source of heat or is it more of a decorative piece?
  • Do you want a wood-burning or gas fireplace?
  • Are you concerned about fireplace maintenance and care?

For Wood Chopping Lovers

A wood-burning fireplace, when properly maintained, will provide considerable heat, that sweet scent of wood, the crackle and snap of the flames, and beauty that lasts indefinitely. It also adds value to your home and all that wood chopping is a great winter exercise. Also, you won’t have to worry about higher utility bills, and a fireplace will keep everyone warm if the electricity goes out.

Not Into Chopping Wood?

If you’re not into chopping and stacking wood, consider a gas fireplace. Flip a switch, and voilá, you got fire! Gas fireplaces provide “radiant heat,” which feels like sunshine on a summer day and eliminates drafty spaces. Gas fireplace inserts come in so many different designs; you are bound to find one that is just perfect for your home.

If you or a family member suffer from allergies or have upper-respiratory issues, a gas fireplace is much “greener” option. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, there is no smoke, ash, or creosote to worry about. Maintenance is easy, and an annual checkup runs about $75 to $125.

Even though you don’t get that real wood feeling from a gas fireplace, there is no need to sacrifice beauty. The look of today’s gas fireplaces can fool the senses—from flames that dance over realistic looking logs or that hover over glass chips—gas fireplaces can provide a visual feast and plenty of heat.

A Solution for Smaller Spaces

Does your weekend getaway cabin need some heat? Do you have a room or a tight corner that could be enhanced by the beauty of a gas stove? A freestanding gas stove is a great choice for adding environmentally safe and reliable heat to smaller spaces.

Whatever you choose, the professional team at Bill’s Comfort Systems are there to help you through the process of choosing the right fireplace. Need customization and installation? Not to worry, Bill’s Comfort System will handle it all.